This is our second summer at our little cottage and this year I’m really going for it with the garden. We’ve got raised beds put in ready for veggies to be sown once the soil has warmed and the frosts have finished but my main focus at the moment is cut flowers. It’s a bit of a new realised dream of mine to grow seasonal blooms for myself and maybe one day for florists and the public too, we’ll see how it goes in the garden first.

I downloaded a free online course via A Bunch of Wild, a photo journal by seasonal stylist and gardener Emma Connolly. One of the exercises involved making a diary of what to do each month, what needs to be sown, planted etc. throughout the year. So here’s my little guide based on my garden and the flowers I plan to sow, grow and cut.


plan your plot

order seeds

sharpen tools


prepare the plot – weed, dig over, add manure


sow hardy annuals such as cornflowers, ammi majus, borage and nigella straight outside

sow half hardy annuals such as cosmos and sweet peas undercover 

pot up dahlia tubers in 3l pots undercover


continue sowing as above – staggering sowing gives you a longer flowering period


plant out sweet pea seedlings

sow any remaining half hardy seeds straight into the ground

plant out some half hardy seedlings towards the end of the month

plant out dahlias


plant out remainder of half hardy annuals

sow biennials so flowers form earlier the following year


continue sowing as above

deadhead to encourage new blooms


deadhead to encourage new blooms


sow hardy annuals for earlier flowers the following year


cut back dahlias once blackened by the frosts, dig up and store in sand/newspaper etc. somewhere dark and dry

plant bulbs including narcissi and tulips – early and late flowering varieties

plant hellebores

sow sweetpeas undercover for earlier flowers the following year


clear the plot

mulch beds 


take stock of the year

what worked well, what would you change

make a list of any new tools or equipment you might need

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