Fashions and trends come and go, encouraging a throw away attitude and mindless spending. Finding your own personal style helps to create a long-lasting aesthetic which is ‘you’ through and through, whether that’s in your home, with your clothes or in the garden.

Recently I’ve been focusing on our garden and how I want it to look and feel. There are all sorts of flowers and foliage that I love, but honing this down to make a scheme that actually works has been a challenge. As we did when we were decorating the house, I made a list of words for what I wanted our little garden to be. I first came across this technique when I attended a workshop with interior designer & stylist Cate St. Hill and interior & product stylist Nancy Straughan. It’s a really helpful tool to get ideas flowing, here’s my list below for our garden:

garden 'words'

The list can include anything from colours to adjectives to countries. You need to be able to connect with each word, knowing that it’s a true reflection of you and your ideas.

The next step is to make a moodboard of images that match with the words. This could be done online with Pinterest or by cutting and sticking images from magazines. I’ve just used pages to create a little virtual board using images from my Pinterest.

L – R: Rouje Paris, Chelsea Fuss, Paula O’Hara, Amy Merrick, Our Food Stories, Gardenia

It’s good at this stage to see if there are any more words that have sprung up after making the moodboard, for example I might add ‘earthy’, ‘mediterranean’ and ‘sunny’.

You can then begin to work on what flowers and plants you might like to have in your garden keeping your word list and moodboard close to hand.

Check back soon to see what flowers and foliage I’ve chosen to keep the garden blooming throughout the year as well as where to buy during these strange and uncertain time.



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