Now that I have found my personal style for my garden I’ve been planning and ordering some plants, keeping in mind my word list and moodboard. Here are my current 5 favourites that I’ve planted in the garden already and one that’s still growing indoors.

all images from sarahraven.com

Ammi Majus

I bought these as 5 little seedlings from Sarah Raven and planted them out this week after growing them on for a while on the windowsill. I love their delicate lacy heads – a bit like cow parsley – and in the autumn they form stunning seed heads – perfect as focal points on an autumn wreath, see how to make one here.

Dahlia Cafe au Lait

I’m in love with these blousy ruffled blooms. They open pale pink then fade to gorgeous warm cream-blush and they make a lovely cut flower. These along with another variety are currently growing away on the sitting room window sill ahead of being planted out once the frosts are finished.

Foxglove Apricot

Last year I grew simple ivory dalmatian foxgloves and they were glorious. This year following the warm, peachy theme I’ve planted an Apricot foxglove. This should self seed at the end of the summer so we’ll hopefully have lots of foxgloves in years to come.

Peony Coral Charm

I’ve been obsessed with the Coral Charm peony for years and have been itching to plant one in the garden. It’s a bright coral pink when it opens but fades to a pale, soft peach.

Anemone Honorine Jobert

My parents have these pretty white anemones in their garden and I knew I wanted some in my own garden too. I love their fluttery petals and they form lovely deep green foliage at the base.

I can’t wait until they all start flowering and I can bring a few stems inside too.

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