Following my previous post of 5 Flowers I’m Growing, here’s a follow up with 5 more! I’ve just ordered these from Chiltern Seeds after feeling some of my borders are a little gappy and finding a few containers that need filling. As always, I’m making sure I stick to the scheme I made here so that everything flows and works together.

5 Flowers I'm Growing
all images from chilternseeds.co.uk

Craspedia/Billy Buttons

I love this quirky little flower from Australia. It has silvery grey leaves with strong wiry stalks. They also make beautiful dried flowers without losing their colour so are perfect for autumnal wreaths and everlasting arrangements.

Nasturtium Tip Top Apricot

The apricot colour of these nasturtiums caught my eye and will tone in so well with the other flowers I’ve chosen. I love how they trail too and can’t wait to use them in arrangements.

Nasturtium Salmon Baby

Another chosen for their gorgeous colour, I love the frilly shape of the flowers too. This is a compact variety so will give some ground cover with their deep green, constellation patterned leaves. Nasturtiums have edible leaves and flowers too and will look gorgeous on cakes and in summer drinks!

Iceland Poppy Wind Song

I fell in love with Iceland Poppies after seeing them on Floret Farm’s instagram. This variety comes in pinks, apricots, oranges, creams and whites so a really nice selection of colour. Apparently they’re easy to grow and can be sown directly where they are to flower.

Strawflower White

These papery daisy-like flowers are so sweet and delicate. They make lovely cut flowers and can also be dried for year round blooms. I love their sunshine yellow centres and dark green foliage, I think they’ll be a firm favourite.

I can’t wait for my seeds to arrive. Gardening is really getting me through lockdown during the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s keeping me calm. The thought of so many blooms and eventually being able to give them away to friends and family when the lockdown is lifted will be so special and rewarding.

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