To bring some cheer to the house and as a little gift to myself, last week I ordered a bunch of Coral Charm peonies from my number one flower girl and friend, Jemima of Run Wild Floral Design.


They’re now a week old and the colour change over this time has been amazing. Each one has faded from bright pink to peachy cream at a slightly different rate too so there’s a real ombre of colour across the vase.

For some time I’ve been trying to buy from local and/or small businesses and during the current COVID-19 pandemic this is suddenly even more important. It’s a much more personal experience when buying from a small business and you will find a far more unique and curated selection of products compared to big high-street brands and online retailers.


They are available for nationwide delivery and arrive in a beautifully illustrated box with care instructions too. Coral Charm peonies like mine are nearing the end of their season but the gorgeous blousy pale pink ones are still available. They are the perfect pick-me-up either as a treat to yourself or for a loved one, they’ve definitely brightened up these lockdown days!


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