Last summer we spent a couple of days in and around Oxford on our way to the Norfolk coast. This was my first time visiting Oxford and high on my list was Oxford Botanic Garden. I’ve shared the areas that I found most inspiring – stone walls, flowers in white and pastel shades – but if you’re more of a colour lover, there was so much there to see too – a real place for every style.


Established in 1621, Oxford Botanic Garden was the first of its kind in the UK. The site includes several glasshouses, a walled garden and lower garden too. We spent some time exploring in the glorious June sunshine.

I love the old stone walls with white flowers and green foliage. We have an old dry stone wall at the top of our garden and have used Cistus and Convoluvus to create a similar look.

I love this pastel pink rose climbing up the wall, I’d really like one to climb one of our fences and plan to buy one as a bare root in November time from David Austin Roses.

Gorgeous blousy peonies! This year I’ve planted a Coral Charm peony, it hasn’t flowered yet – apparently they don’t always the first year of planting – but I can’t wait for the summer it does!

I’m not much of a tropical houseplant person – I used to be! – but it was still really interesting to see so many unusual varieties of plants and trees in the glasshouses. The glasshouses themselves were lovely to look at too.

Oxford and the Cotswolds is one of my favourite places to visit in England and I can’t wait to visit again soon.


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