I’ve had so much time to fill during lockdown and little DIY projects have been keeping me occupied. It’s been great to get on with things that in my usual working life I don’t have time for and its also encouraging me to keep up with creative projects once my life is more ‘normal’ again. I’ve enjoyed making time for my old hobbies but I’ve also tried a few new things too.

  1. Sewing

I studied textiles GCSE and have enjoyed designing, making and sewing ever since. In recent years it has taken a definite back seat so its been really great to get back to it again. I’ve made a few scrunchies out of linen scraps, adjusted some linen shorts so they’re a looser style, made a cushion and a little drawstring bag to hold my skincare bits.

2. Painting

When we first bought our house we did a lot of painting and up-cycling of furniture. I love giving a new lease of life to a piece, it’s such an easy way to update your home too. At the very beginning of lockdown we painted the wooden panels on our dormer windows, I’ve re-painted the porch – including ripping out the floor and painting the concrete floor! – and updated the cupboard in our sitting room that was just slightly too green in tone.

3. Cooking & Baking

I think everyone has been jumping on the cooking/baking bandwagon with bread, cakes and new dinner recipes. I am absolutely one of those people and have enjoyed making new recipes and baking proper cakes for the first time since I was young. I’ve really enjoyed using edible flowers from the garden too to make everything extra pretty including this mozzarella and tomato risotto and a raspberry and white chocolate naked cake.

4. Arranging Flowers

I started sowing seeds back in February/March and I am finally reaping the benefits! In every room there seems to be a little arrangement of homegrown blooms and it’s so rewarding to see. My favourites have been my Piggy Sue sweet peas, peachy achillea and dainty cosmos. I find it so relaxing arranging flowers, even if they’re from the supermarket or wildflowers and grasses collected on a walk.

My return to work date isn’t confirmed just yet so I have a few more little projects and DIY’s lined up to keep me occupied – when I’m not spending too long on Pinterest, reading books or taming our jungle-like garden!

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