Styling a table is one of my favourite tasks and even more so at Christmas. I love nothing more than thinking up creative ideas for tablescapes, using different textures, tones and heights to create a welcoming and magical display.

As with most things, I like to create a plan and get my ideas down as and when they come to me. Usually this would just be on Pinterest or written down in my notebook but I’ve really enjoyed putting these little digital moodboards together for different schemes.

This year, wherever possible, I will be buying gifts and decorations from independent stores, be it online or in person – where lockdown allows! – or those that are recycled, eco-friendly or second hand. I love scouring Etsy for vintage finds and handmade treasures as well as my favourite independent brands and boutiques. This year I plan to make my own crackers using Little Crafty Bugs pre-cut templates, decorating them with gold stars and coloured ribbon – and each with a personalised gift inside. I’m also attending an online calligraphy course with Paperhouse Design Co. and hope to create my own place cards too.

I’m also trying to look at the items I have already and swapping linens or decorations with friends and family first. I’ll be making sure that anything I’m buying new will be loved and used in years to come too.

Whatever your scheme, I find its always best to have a key element in place to start the planning. In all three schemes I have kept the candlesticks and crackers the same, giving me a starting point. This also cements the idea of using what you have already and shows that even with some elements the same, you can create 3 different looks.

See the captions for where to buy ★

Candles, Champagne Coupe, Place Cards, Candlesticks, Crackers, Plates, Napkins, Ribbon


Christmas styling doesn’t have to be red and green. These peachy candles add a punch of colour and tone in beautifully with the soft plaster pink napkins. I like to work in threes so the darker peach of the ribbon here keeps the scheme cohesive. I love tying cutlery with ribbon or using it on crackers for added detail.

Candles, Champagne Coupe, Place Cards, Candlesticks, Crackers, Plates, Napkins, Ribbon


For a neutral yet magical look, opt for shades of white with glimmers of gold to add warmth. I love the rustic look of the handmade plates on crinkled linen and the soft grey candles. Brass candlesticks are my forever favourite and can be picked up cheaply from sites such as Etsy and Ebay.

Candles, Champagne Coupes, Place Cards, Jug, Candlesticks, Crackers, Plates, Napkins, Ribbon


For a traditional yet understated scheme I’ve chosen muted tones of red and green to sit along crisp whites and golds. Vintage blue china plates add interest to the scheme whilst personal touches like hand written place cards enhance the homely look.

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